"As a mentor, Syar DaLi tuned into my potential as a spiritual guide. I completed a number of steps under Syar’s dynamic tutelage in preparation for a highly transformational energy clearing. He directed me with tarot cards, put me on a strict raw food diet and guided me against engaging with those who would invade my path and energy field. Syar also educated me on various spiritual techniques and tools for clarity of purpose and meditation. When I was ready, we explored how to excavate the negative entities inhabiting my body through heat therapy. Syar's methods are tangible and productive. He is empathetic and nurturing as well as an excellent coach. I strongly recommend Syar to anyone looking for Kemetic Spiritual Guidance and Healing."


-  SHANTAY  A .  (Student)  

            "I am eternally grateful to you. You have been so consistent in being true to who you are! It's because I've watched your consistency over the years that I know transformation is truly possible. So many ways you guide me as I recall my greatest struggles. I remember how strong of a bondage fear was for me. I use to be extremely fearful; afraid to speak or move in certain situations. Fear was my tormentor and you gave me many weapons to conquer it. Thank you! Thank you for your passion in being my guide for healing and growth. I've always been cautious in saying that one shouldn't use "never" and "always" in a description of another, however I found myself having to make the exception in you.  You were never judgmental, never uncaring, never boring or vanilla. But you were always relentless, always forgiving, always encouraging and giving (more than you actually realize). I can't thank you enough for the energy it takes to help me to inner-stand who I/we truly am/are and the great power I/we have to create a lovely disposition for Body, Mind, and Spirit (the Whole). Your beautiful energy has helped me beyond words...

Forever Thankful!" 


-  KISSMIC  W.  (Initiate)

            "I owe a huge majority of my journey of self-discovery to Syar. Him leading by example in early 2000, allowed me to learn a lot more about my history as a spiritual being. He started me off with the book titled "Stolen Legacy."  Learning that Syar didn't eat meat and was vegan planted an early seed in my spirit about what I should be eating in order to build my essence on a few different levels. Fast forward to now, I have healed myself of a few viruses with vegan foods, healed one of my family member's breast cancer with vegan foods and continue on my journey of self-discovery simply by going back to the basics of what Syar taught me almost 2 decades ago.  He shared light with me when I had a very young, inquisitive mind and continues to do so.

                I am truly grateful for his strength and guidance when we talk about the oppression of our people (spiritually, socio-economically, and with our food / nourishment) and I'm super grateful for his patience when showing brothers like myself "The Way" which is devoid of all kinds of attachments (no religious affiliations, no radical groups..no nothing...just the truth).  Syar's journey of truth helped me accelerate past a ton of hurdles to find my own personal pathway of truth and I cannot give him enough thanks. My ability to manifest comes from the gateway that Syar led me to...

I'm Forever Grateful." 


-  ADUM(Initiate)

"What can I say about magic itself? Besides that it has a name — Syar."

              "Syar is a spiritual change agent for the people. He helps connect beings to their purpose and their power by meeting them where they are and walking with them, as a guide, along their path. I wasn’t always vegan, but after one in-depth, empowering conversation we shared 6 years ago, I became that and more. I lost 12 lbs in three days, lost negative emotional attachments and gained a clarity of purpose that has guided me to this day. After speaking with, learning from and building along side Syar, I can honestly say that he is truly an ancestral gift to our time." 


- ERIN  J.  (Initiate)

              "After surviving Boils, Malaria, Measles, Parasites and Pneumonia as well as suffering from adverse reactions to vaccinations and consumption of poor drinking water by the age of 9...Endometriosis as a teen…At age 19, I was diagnosed with early stage Ovarian Cancer. During that time, all I could think about was this same illness took my grandmother's life. There’s nothing more terrifying than doctors telling you that you have cancer. When the doctor uttered that I may need to rethink my options; that having children would not be likely, I had an out of body experience. I kept my condition a secret and went to my first biopsy alone. I really didn’t know what to do. My consciousness at that time became dull and reckless. I prepared myself mentally to die alone, although somehow I knew my fate was going to change.

                    I met Syar at a community event while attending Junior College. That instant connection led to a partnership in the work of me relearning myself and my relationship to everything - especially food! One of the many blessings that came with that partnership was when he helped me to realize that I was a food addict.  I ate everything: All meats, fish, chicken, pork, intestines, fast foods, etc. I loved sweets; pastries, breads, cakes, ice creams, etc.  While carrying my first baby, he introduced me to Veganism.

                   Syar is profound in giving highly detailed information when it comes to diet and clean eating. He was able to encourage me to progressively grow into eating nutrient dense meals. Within a year my health had completely transformed. I remember going back to the doctors office and was told I was misdiagnosed because there was no trace of anything cancerous in my womb. The nurse looked confused because my condition just disappeared. I truly believe this healing came from the lifestyle and dietary change I was taught by Syar and each passing day my health continuously improves.

-  EBONY  W.  (Initiate)

                   "My experience with Syar Dali has been one of healing, refreshing reflecting and total divinity. Our first reading, I remember the air in the room was soft and safe. He was accurate beyond what I could process at the time and extremely informative. He took his time, he listened passed just my words. He used cards but he also used his being to educate me on mine. Syar empowered me to trust my nature and know that everything I need is right here. "Use what you have to activate your true higher-self". He instructed me on using my guides and spirit abilities to navigate this physical plane.

                I now have an immaculate relationship with not only my intuition but my ancestors.  I am eternally grateful for him. He checks up on me and its always nothing but love and sincere concern for how I'm doing. I am deeply proud of this divine being. He has also done a reading for my sister and every time we talk about our experiences with him we are lit up and full. One reading will feed you for a lifetime, but you WILL be hungry for more. He is the TRUTH! I guarantee you that.


-  SHERICA  M.  (Initiate)

            "After having 3 major surgeries in 1 year at the age of 37 I didn't know how much longer I would be on this Earth. I knew I wasn't ready to die and that I definitely was not ready to leave my six year old daughter behind without a mother. So I decided I would go on a mission to find cures through holistic medicine. I was lead to Syar through, Divine spiritual intervention. Working with Syar has been one of the most rewarding, uplifting, spiritual and healing experiences in my life. He nursed me back to health by design. He guided me to redirect all aspects of my life from the food I ate to the spiritual growth I have developed. Syar constantly challenged me to rise to the occasion for self reflection and love. I found exactly what I was looking for optimal mental and physical healing and stability along with a Spiritual Awakening like no other. Syar you are a walking embodiment of ancestral essence and excellence. A great God of Djehuti in its purest form. Truly amazing! I praise the God within you for offering me a chance at rebirth. I honor you, not like idolizing you or making you my savior, but I can see myself in you. You gave me the knowledge and courage, so I could regain my life and Divine power. So I may be a reflection of you. That's deep and powerful on so many different levels. You have my undying respect. I am truly grateful for your continued support and guidance. It's important for you to know what you have done for me. You gave me my freedom. Thank you so much for not letting me give up on myself. Your beauty is Regal King Brother Syar... 

Much Gratitude!!!

-  Prr Ah Ba K.   (Initiate)

             "I am truly blessed to have been one of the fortunate individuals to experience Syar's Healthy Transformational Programs. Words can do no justice to express the experience...The best way to know is to experience it for yourself. The brother is knowledgeable as well as proficient in his craft...And mind you, i am far from a novice to health & fitness, but I will be the first to tell you his science is truly SUPREME!! Supreme Respect."  


-  JAMES   J.  (Initiate)

            "Syar is Healing Serum for our times. His every expression, be it Sound Healing, Nutritional Counseling or the Healing Arts, raises the holistic tide of the world. He embodies a truth that lifts and continues to uplift. And while some may be reluctant to adhere, his truth is absolute and will always be here well beyond hundreds of years." 


-  ASHLEY  C.   (Client)

                        “As a diviner and spiritual consultant, Syar employs a vast array of channeling skills, as well as an expansive and practical knowledge–which only can be earned through many years of experience, study and hard work. He is extraordinary working with clients on many levels and is deeply intuitive and sensitive to the needs of others. He is adept in consult on a wide range of subjects and with tying together the practical, emotional and psychological. Syar combines the wisdom and skill of a counselor with that of a Holistic Health Practitioner, while simultaneously weaving in the consciousness and compassion of a High Priest and Artist. Clearly, when Syar reads for you or works as your adviser, he is operating on many levels, and as his style is of a loving and nurturing approach, his clients receive and benefit on many levels of understanding–the emotional, psychological, practical and spiritual.” 


– PAULA  M.  (Birth Your Life)

                   "I met Syar by chance in a bookstore. Upon meet him, I was drawn to his Magnetic Healing Energy. Though we spoke briefly that day, I realized that this man had a wealth of information and knowledge around healing the mind, body & spirit. I asked him to assist me along my journey to optimal health. He designed a plan for me including raw vegetation, herbs and mindfulness. Three months later, I was in the best health of my life. I have not eaten meat since then, nor do get sick like I used too. In fact, now that I think about it, I am one hundred percent convinced that the common cold and other diseases have everything to do with the over excess of mucus in the body. Not to mention, I got rid of over 90 pounds of waste. I owe a great deal of gratitude towards Syar and the mastery of his craft. I endorse his work and wish him nothing but success...

Thank you God!!!"


- OLAFEMI  A.  (Initiate)

                     "Syar Dali has had a profound effect on my circle of friends. Every person I introduced him to has their own connection, experience, and transformation. No one leaves the same after a day with him and it is always for the better, Transcending from the moment they meet him to years later. His positive energy sticks with you.  


-  OMAR  L.  (Student) 

"Exceptional, Mystical and Wise are just a few words I use to describe Syar."

              "As one year ended and another began, I found myself ready to shift to a new level of knowledge and experiences but had no idea where, what or how.  I sought the universe and seemingly from nowhere Master Syar appeared.  He listened and taught, shared and encouraged, cautioned and reassured.  He kept his word and expected the same, never yielding to my rhythm of vibration but always demanding that I rise to his.  I cannot recall a time when I have been exposed to the amount of wisdom and knowledge Master Syar shared with me.  The time I spent with him was exceptional.  His guidance was impeccable.  My world opened.  My mind expanded.  My heart shifted.  My load lightened.  I now operate from a place of brilliance.  Thank you Master Syar.  I am forever deeply grateful."


"Using his many years of observation, instruction and experiences Syar masterfully aids his clients in releasing their junk, embracing their good, and enjoying their now. If ever given the opportunity to partner with Master Syar consider yourself extremely fortunate….you won’t return the same!" 

- NETANIA  H. W.   (Initiate)


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